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Thank you Guelph for 15 years of Aikido

Grand River Aikido - Tenchikan Dojo

Grand River Aikido was established in June 2007 .

Our dojo name translates to the House of Heaven and Earth. We focus on development of the necessary body skills that allow the expression of Aikido technique. We train to develop a united body that moves from the core. We also learn to use the force of gravity and our bodies own dynamically generated kinetic energy to power technique in a natural and strength free way.

Technique by itself is meaningless, however, by learning to control our own bodies, we learn to become powerful yet effortless. It is a truly fascinating study and what makes Aikido a life long journey of discovery.

Come and join us! You won't be disappointed.

Adult Aikido – Powerful Self-Defense Without Aggression

Aikido involves circular movements and the absorption and redirection of energy to generate techniques that redirect the body of an attacker. It is a defensive, non-aggressive art that places a high demand on focus and control.

The emphasis in training is on cooperation rather than competition. The movements of Aikido typically end in a pin or a throw. Students learn to develop falling skills that they will carry forward through life.

The observation of personal safety and security in training permit very powerful techniques to be developed and practised. Timing is more important than speed, sensitivity more important than strength, flowing (harmony) with your partner is more important than aggression. Because of this Aikido is ideal for children, youth, women and men of all ages.

Experienced students learn to defend themselves against multiple unarmed and armed attacks. Many Aikido techniques are derived from the circular sword movements of the Samurai and weapons training is a part of Aikido. Aikido training is fun, relieves stress, improves physical fitness, and can promote mental health and a more positive outlook.

We offer the opportunity to develop some unique physical skills. Train your body to use relaxed power versus brute strength. Become powerful yet effortless.

If you are a mature warrior looking for a strength free way to maintain your fitness and develop new skills or just someone looking for a road less traveled, Grand River Aikido offers a unique experience in martial arts training.

Check back we may be back in the future. OSU!

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